I have a Roland G600, that I use to play styles and songs I have made with it, sometimes using the sounds in the G600 and sometimes using sounds from other modules midi'd up to it. My problem is even if I go in and turn of the transmit midi function on the channels I am using on other sound modules, it will stop sending change messages while the syles or looping but will still (no matter what I do) send a Program Change message every time I use a fill, intro, or ending. As you can imagine this totally messes up my sound when it starts playing some sound it chose that is not even close to what it was. Any help from any of you much more knowledgable arranger gurus can give me would be greatly appreciated. I am at this time building these songs only in the G600, but soon will be doing most of the editing and building sequences using parts from the arranger in emagic LogicVS software.

Please Help

Russell B