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#302692 - 02/09/00 08:24 AM how to reset controlers into PerfMem A11 as in PerfMem 00
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Hi, can You help me?
I have Roland G1000 Arranger Workstation and I'm not new user of G series.Old G800 and now G1000, But why some difrents.
Why can't I save PrfMem00 into some other PrfMem as A11.
I have done much midi files, about 200 which worked
without problems in the old G800.It refers to
some of the controls which in G800 were reset even into
PrfMem A11 (Pitch Bender Range,Part Parameters...).In G1000 I can use only PrfMem00 where every controls can be reset.Some of controls for the example Part Sensitiviti (Keyboard Velocity) I can't set into PrfMem00 but if I use other PrfMem there can't be reset some of the controls (Reverb and Chorus but not Delay and Insertion EFX....).
I know how to correct this with SysEx but there are many SysEx messages in MIDI file {(one control - one SysEx)x200 MIDI files .....}, or with pressing PrfMem A11 again but - very slow for live perfoming.
Are there SysEx messages for reseting controls into PrfMem A11 as
there are into PrfMem00 or there is the newest ver. of software for g1000 (curent 1.06).
Please answer me as soon as possible.
Sorry for English (from Macedonia)
Best Regards
Draganov Borislav

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#302693 - 02/23/00 01:44 PM Re: how to reset controlers into PerfMem A11 as in PerfMem 00
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I posted your question at the Roland Arranger Group.
Hope you get a reply.


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