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As I have told you earlier I agree that a VA-keyboard with 76 keys would be nice, but we haven't got any information regarding this matter yet. However we have asked our Italien freinds to considder such a version and who knows - when VA-5 & VA-7 are shipping and finished, I would defently not say they wont produce this keyboard - but ease a little bit - This little beatu has to reach the market first and then we can start to speculate. I can by the way tell you and others that we will receive our first shipment first week of June - and that is soon. The general interest for this keyboard is the greatest ever on any Roland arranger-keyboard !

If you connect a G-1000 to a XV-3080 and a VP-9000 you would get the same sound. What you won't get is the new arrangements/styles that are awsome (maybe not spelled right, but anyway). The sounds in G-1000 and SC-8850 is basically the same sound-set, and the ones you'll find in VA-series is based on a combination of XV-series as well as the GM2 instruments from SC-8850.
However the D/A Converters on VA-7 are considerably better and frankly speaking - I am totally astonished when I listen to VA-7 - I have never heard anything better - not even from Rolands synthesizers etc.... But of
course when I say this, please be aware of that I am a Roland employee - so....:-)

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