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#302584 - 12/23/03 01:18 PM VA-7 Sequencer Problem

Hi all

I am having trouble understanding how to make my VA-7 sequencer keep to selected tone current, it always seems to revert back to piano sound even though the other tone is shown as current on the display. The manual regarding selecting tones works fine but as I said it seems to somehow revert back to piano all the time. What am I doing wrong? Please help.



#302585 - 12/24/03 10:47 AM Re: VA-7 Sequencer Problem
rolandfan Offline

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I have a VA5 which has the exact same sequencer as your VA7.

Just to make sure. Are you doing the same that I do ?

1. Press Song Composter button
2. Select record.
3. Play your song and it is recorded
4. Go to 16 track sequencer to add more to your song using the free "free" tracks available.

5. When you select a "Free" track its stuck on piano

Is this the problem ? If yes tell me and I will tell you what to do.

Did you know that you even get a second drum set to add more drum sounds by hand to your song and you can choose any drum set you like as your second drum set.

#302586 - 12/29/03 12:45 PM Re: VA-7 Sequencer Problem
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Thats not realy aproblem. It only does that that when you have any data on track 4, so when you record onother track you select a tone and then it shows a tone name of track 4. Try to record track 4 last.But it does that because track 4 is a melody track.But even though it shows another tone name it does meab that tone name will be on that track that you are recording.But whean the tone changes it means that you had a track recorded pereviously and you erased or deleted it and try to record it again it will use a tone you used the firsy time recording that track. If you have any other problems go to ,make yourself an acount and leave them feed back about their products.


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