Some of my organ voices appear to have a little hissing in the speakers and my Organ 3 voice seems to have voices mixed with it. For some reason they don't sound clear and I'm not sure if there is a problem or it is just me.
Where do you keep the drawbars set? I had them all up at max which probably isn't right. I was playing and all of a sudden I had another tone in my left hand and discovered that that LW1 had kicked in. For example, when I switch from var 4 to var3, if I take the LW1 drawbar and put it up to max and then back to the middle I get another tone. I just don't know if this is a problem or not.
Also, a couple of times when I switched from var4 back to var3 on the Baby Rock N'Roll using the OT buttons, the high horns stayed on. When I changed chords they went off.
I realize this is difficult to explain. I'm thinking of taking it in next Tuesday and have it checked out. I just hope I can make it do these things when I'm there.
Thank you for any input.