I've just uploaded three new songs "Somebody Else's Shit", "This Is Payback" and "I Wantchya". All three songs were completely composed, arranged, tracked and mixed by Yours Truly Harold Everton using my voice, a Roland XV5080 and Pro-Tools. They are in MP3 Format 128kbps, so if you want better quality, check out my website at in three days for better quality mp3s and Wavs.

All three songs are from my upcoming album "World Gone Mad."Somebody Else's Shit is an uptempo anthem for those who feel like they're being marganilized while the other party is getting a good deal at their expense. Hopefully the title won't offend anyone. A version with the "S" word censored will be uploaded in its place real soon.

"I Wantchya" is a fun, uptempo dance tune reminiscent of Michael Jackson in his JACKSONS days with a modern dance R&B Feel. The backgrounds are thick, lush and complex. The brass will get you on your feet at the end. Watch out for all of the staccato rhythmic breath play.

"This Is Payback" is an anthem for those who've gotten played and are plotting revenge. The song is a Prince reminiscent, powerful, uptempo, edgy track that'll leave you wanting for more. You know what? You get more! At the end there's a 2 minute long instrumental that shows how complex Harold Everton's arranging skills are.

No loops, no samples. Hope you enjoy.

"Somebody Else's Shit", "I Wantchya" and "This Is Payback" - Two songs straight from Harold Everton, and the Everton Production Unit - Soon to be #1 in Urban Music Trends. All record labels, take note. Low overhead, low production costs, Harold Everton does it all by himself.