Well, boys and girls - I finally hooked up the cable I had with my old Korg I5s, and it worked! The driver too! I tested the Korg driver with the X1, the JV1010, and of course the I5s works too. This is pretty good news for all you laptop people that use alot of sequences. It also eliminates one large problem with the X1 - you can play the sequences from the PC and leave the X1 in registration mode. This will allow you to move very quickly between live and sequenced material. That was always a hang up for me - took too long to exit the song play and call up a new pattern to play. So...... I'm going to dust off the trusty X1 and take it on another date - who knows, maybe I'll fall in love again........Still wish I had a TAP tembo, though - - and the bass would never change with a new pattern - - and the mic would never change with a new pattern - - and I wish you could select a new bass voice with a dedicated button, instead of going into the arranger window. Aw shucks, I'm complaining about little stuff again. This thing still sounds better than all the rest. I'm going to have to get used to a few mechanical adjustments, that's all.
(hmmmmm, the P80 is just around the corner too, huh?) Captain Fickle - over and out !
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