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#297851 - 10/28/10 06:58 PM Re: Yikes! Priced Bose Compacts for my T4 $1,700ea
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I suspect the huge sum of money may be due to exceedingly high import taxes and shipping costs from the U.S. to Australia. I sent a fur coat to a young lady I once knew in Woomera, SA many years ago and the cost of shipping was more than the price of the fur coat. She was happy, but the cost was outrageous.

BTW: The price you pay for a compact is what you could purchase a full size L1 without the sub for here in the U.S.. Add another $500 for the sub. What does a T4 sell for in Australia?

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#297852 - 10/28/10 07:00 PM Re: Yikes! Priced Bose Compacts for my T4 $1,700ea
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I have no experience with the newer Bose Compact, but thought I would let you know that I use the Bose L1 Model II with Double Bass and the ToneMatch Audio Engine. I paid about $3300 US - very pricey, but... incredible sound in a small footprint. Easy to transport and quick to setup. Audience members and resort managers are amazed at the sound that comes out. I have gotten recommendations and referrals for a number of reasons - one of which is because of the small footprint me, my Motif, my singer and the Bose require.

#297853 - 10/28/10 08:05 PM Re: Yikes! Priced Bose Compacts for my T4 $1,700ea
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I will sell you two like-new Compacts for $950. each, but you have to pay shipping.
Then I will turn right around and buy two more! Win-win situation!

#297854 - 10/28/10 10:39 PM Re: Yikes! Priced Bose Compacts for my T4 $1,700ea
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If you don't have to sell your house to pay for an operation Down Under, that extra tax you are paying (import tariff's and business taxes don't show up on the invoice, they are just factored in) might be a decent deal..!

Over here in the States, sure, we might have cheap goods. But we got the world's most expensive health care, and exorbitant education costs. Swings and roundabouts...
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#297855 - 10/29/10 02:49 PM Re: Yikes! Priced Bose Compacts for my T4 $1,700ea
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Gary, Thanks.
The import duty (tax) in Australia for a pair of L1 compacts would be about 5% plus a $55 clearing fee and on top of that we pay 10% GST (goods & services tax) so on a pair of compacts it would be $300 tax + $55 clearing fee for a total of (assuming $1,000 ~ each for the compacts) $2,355 plus shipping; a long way short of the $3,400 Bose Aust. want. I’m sure the shipping cost wouldn’t justify the $1,000+ mark-up. The prices for most other electrical gear is pretty much on parity with other places around the world.
“What does a T4 sell for in Australia?” $7,500AU is Yamaha Aust. price, but at least you can shop around for those and get a far better deal, unlike the Bose stuff.


Thanks for your comments,
Wow the price of the standard L1 was quoted at $4,000 here without extras.
As you say the Bose are no doubt very good (hence my interest), It’s just that I resent being gouged especially to that degree.


Good Idea, { )
Seriously, I actually thought of going for a holiday to the States and bringing back a couple of Compacts as icing on the cake, so to speak.

Fair point,
We probably do have it pretty good here, other electrical gear such as big screen televisions, computers etc. are pretty much the same price as most other places in the world, but you get the odd company that tries to take advantage.

Regarding the health system, you’re right, a friend of mine had a heart attack (at the age of 42 mind you) and was rushed to hospital, he spent many days in intensive care and the bill at the end of it all was a big zero, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.


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