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#29492 - 03/22/03 09:32 PM SD1 and MIDI sequencers
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Hi everybody! I'm an absolutely newbie on this forum and I apologize in advance for my (poor) english... I read some topics and posts on this site and I note that the level of discussions is pretty high, so I think (hope) that this is the right place to find some help for me, too

THE PROBLEM: I need to work with my SD1 and a MIDI sequencer on a Macintosh PowerBook G4...
I'm friendly with MIDI protocol: I worked with MOTU Performer and MIDI Time Piece and a variety of synthesizers and sound modules for many years, but now I got a big confusion in my mind...

THE FACTS: I buy a Midiman 1in/1out MIDI interface, then I download a number of MIDI sequencers' demos from the web and try to work with it... What I need is to play my SD1 and record in real time all what I'm doing (included program changes, styles, with fill-ins, arrange, etc., and on separate channels) on a good MIDI sequencer; then edit, add/delete notes, quantize, overdub, change sounds, add singles drum sounds and/or create a totally independent rhythm or bass line on the sequencer, in five words "all usual MIDI sequencer stuff" (using SD1 as master keyboard) and finally play and/or save my work on SD1... So I try, I try, I try but, no way: I don't understand how to do it!!! And, sincerely, owner's manual doesn't help me...

THE S.O.S.: I can't believe that a masterpiece like SD1 can't do it: can someone suggest some idea, software, hardware, how-to-do-it, tips... Any help will be hugely appreciated!

Thank you in advance and Good Music!


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#29493 - 03/23/03 09:50 AM Re: SD1 and MIDI sequencers
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(I also posted this on the General Arranger Forum)
I’m glad to see another Mac user on the forum. I use a Mac G4 with Digital Performer v3.02 and my SD1. It works great.
If you’re tring to record MIDI (out) directly on the G4 sequencer, you need to come out of MIDI 1, not the GM out. You set the Utilities to send the info you want on the channels you select.
I found it easier to use a serial : usb converter, the SD1 cable, and KetronFT program. It eliminates all the MIDI cables, and you can record, playback and copy files thru the USB port (on the G4) and computer/serial port (SD1).
I set both MIDI ports to GM.
I record my sequence using the SD1 Song Record. It saves it as a SMF. Using the KetronFT program I copy the SMF to my G4, and open it with Performer. (Remember to set the SD1 Computer setting to “PC” when using Ketron FT, and to “Mac” when running Performer. Also, you can’t have both programs open at the same time- the G4 usb port only recognizes one at a time.)
You now use the keyboard and Performer to finalize the sequence. Save it as a SMF, type 1, and copy it back to the SD1. I play it back (using Song Play) and tweak the sounds, volumes, etc, and save it. That also puts the correct SysEx codes on the sequence.
I hope this helps. For more specifics, email me directly.
Don Kane

#29494 - 03/23/03 04:44 PM Re: SD1 and MIDI sequencers
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Hi Don!

I thank you a lot for your help!!!

It's amaziing: you remember me that, the day I buy my SD1, my thought was exactly the same: to use a serial/usb converter to work with SD1 computer interface! But, you know, I asked everybody about a good converter for Macintosh... I tryed with friends, with my SD1 dealer, various Apple dealers, I also called twice Ketron DIRECTLY, I spoken with one or two of their technicians and I given my email, my phone number hoping to be called back with a solution but...NOTHING!!! NOBODY seemed to know what to say!!! Incredible (you'll think), but truth! So, I thought that this couldn't be the right way and I bought this little Midiman MIDI interface...

So, first question


Some other questions:

1. Based on your word I think to be right supposing that, in effect, you DON'T work in "real time" but in a sort of "batch" way, recording and editing music parts on your computer. You record on SD1 with "SONG RECORD" and then copy the .MSF file in Performer, you do NOT record directly on sequencer!?! (This was my dream )

2. When you say "You now use the keyboard and Performer to finalize the sequence", what do you mean with "keyboard" (G4's kbd or SD1)? ...And, if you mean SD1, are you tell me that you can add, for instance, a new track with a new instrument (i.e. pizzicato strings), playing it from SD1, directly in Performer's tracks and then, immediately after, hear the results? And if I'm wrong, WHERE I'm wrong?

3. If I want to put an audio track such voice, live instruments or special f/x (i.e. on Digital Performer) therefore I'll need to play (or sync?) my sequence from the G4... Can I do it? How? Or I'm wrong again?

4. Naturally, I use my Mac for audio editing, final cutting and CD burning procedures, too. So, I need to use an audio editing/recording application (i.e. Pro Tools or simply Coaster or Sound Studio) and record my final SD1 audio on Mac, via USB... Is it (easily) possible to pilot SD1 playing sequences from my Digital Performer with audio tracks actives and, at the same time, record the final result on my G4 (I'm crazy, uh) ? Or can this cause conflict problems?

...I think my problem is a question of habits: I really LOVE SD1 but I worked in the past in a so confortably way with Macintosh, Performer and Midi Time Piece (128 MIDI channels) piloting a dozen of keyboards at the same time without any kind of problem, that now I've the sensation to be back in the stone age ...But probably I'm wrong again!

Thank you again, Don!!!


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#29495 - 03/23/03 07:01 PM Re: SD1 and MIDI sequencers
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Great conversation . Nice to see more SD1 users come onboard this forum !

Dano in Baltimore


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