A think a lot of the trouble when the words 'The Best' start to be applied definitively, rather than comparatively. In my opinion, NO arranger is 'the best', all of them could stand considerable improvement, without exception. Unfortunately, there are many that are TOO invested in their purchasing decision to be able to admit that. You just spent a FORTUNE on a new arranger, and now someone has the temerity to find fault with it..?! How DARE he (or she!)...

I've said many times, we tend to treat these things like our grandchildren, rather than the simple (TOO simple, IMO!) tools for making music that they are. Any slight to them is a slight to US.

I can't see us getting so worked up about a spade, or a shovel in our gardening sheds, but don't you DARE criticize my arranger!

In my case, I get very frustrated with the fact that really good features seem to be divided evenly amongst different manufacturers. No-one makes anything that combines the BEST of each. So, you ALWAYS have to make a compromise when you decide on a model, and perhaps some people don't want to admit they have made any compromise at all... That opens the door to being able to admit your arranger DOES have flaws. Oh, the horror.... the horror!

But without criticism, without making the lurking manufacturer reps realize that we DO want improvement, it slows down the pace of innovation and improvement. As far as I am concerned, sticking to your guns and refusing to admit there is room for improvement only slows down the pace of refinement and upgrade.

Treat them like a spade... expose that dirt!