Hello everyone:
Last monday, as promised by George Kayes, I received my new X1 and I can tell you guys that after being in the music business for the last 30 years I have yet to see a machine so complete as this one. Finally the industry has recognized the importance of a design that is geared toward "live" performance and Solton has done it better than any one I know. The X1's interface with the live performer is only comparable to equipment in the $40,000 range (eg. I just saw the Roland AT90 demostrated by Hector Olivera who I consider a genius) and the X1 do offer performance which is comparable to the AT90 in sound quality, styles and interface. In short, in less than a week I got to know aprox. 90% of the features and all I can say is that this poppy does everything I've been waiting for in a keyboard and more.
My only complain so far relates to the manual which I consider "oversimplified" and could go into more detail on some of the features. God help you should this one be your first keyboard. Also, who is the genius that wrote the Index page? did he ever here about listing the items alfabetically insted of by page # ?????. So much for an index.
Bye for now. Mario
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