I'm ordering a Korg Triton Rack module and a Clavia Nord Modular Synth. I have a Yamaha midi keyboard and a Triton N1R Rack Module. I'm also ordering a Mackie 1402VLZ Pro Mixer, Alesis M1 Active (or Events 20/20 bas) monitors, and a Studio Projects C1 condensor mic.

I will be using all this with my PC (Cakewalk Sonar).

How many midi and audio cables and of which type and make will I need? I need the exact specifications as I have to order them by today or tomorrow.

Also which midi interface should I go in for that will work with my 3 modules (Korg N1R, Korg Triton Rack, Nord Modular) and midi keyboard? I think Nord Modular requires 2 midi connections, but am not sure.

I would like to manage the cables and midi interface in as little amount as possible since I have trouble with sending excess foreign currency, I'm importing the stuff from the U.S. It will be difficult importing stuff again, so I would like to get it all right in the first try.