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#260872 - 04/04/09 05:47 AM Re: Ketron @ Musikmesse Showing off Speakers / P.A. NO JOKE !!!
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Originally posted by Diki:
Given Ketron's price premium when it comes to arrangers, I wouldn't expect them to be very competitive price-wise here in the US... not to mention an almost non-existent dealership network.

But if the thought of matching PA and keyboard logos gets your aesthetic juices flowing, and price is unimportant, I can see them being just the ticket...

Its not the thought of matching logo's. As you may not be aware ketron has had speakers long before when they used the name Solton. They had a very good product, quality was very good and they sounded great. For what ever reason they I think when they stopped using the name Solton, Solton took over or must bought out thier line of speakers.
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#260873 - 04/04/09 09:33 AM Re: Ketron @ Musikmesse Showing off Speakers / P.A. NO JOKE !!!
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If a product is good, and at the right price, and reliable, it doesn't matter what the logo is...

And conversely, if it is too expensive, too hard to find and service, and no better than the widely available competition, it ALSO doesn't matter what the logo says...

Let's wait and see what kind of price these things come out at... If they are a companion price to Ketron's arrangers, here in the US at least, they are up against some VERY stiff competition.

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