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#255275 - 02/03/09 07:01 PM Re: Semilive problem
tony mads usa Offline
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Originally posted by DonM:
Gary, he's trying to GET RID of stress. You're a carrier.

GARY ?!?!? ... the ORIGINAL "Mr. Calm, Cool, and Collected: ????

t. cool

#255276 - 02/04/09 05:56 AM Re: Semilive problem
ChicoBrasil Offline

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My best wishes of a complete recovery.

Regards from Brazil

#255277 - 02/05/09 03:29 PM Re: Semilive problem
Riceroni9 Offline
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I've been away from the board for a couple of days. Man, I'm sorry to hear about you having another one. I'll be saying an extra prayer tonight. Take care.

Dave Rice

#255278 - 02/05/09 03:59 PM Re: Semilive problem
DonM Offline
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Bill is recuperating at home now. Everything apparently went well. I'm sure he'll comment later.

#255279 - 02/05/09 04:35 PM Re: Semilive problem
Diki Offline

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Excellent news.

God speed with your recovery...
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#255280 - 02/08/09 08:00 AM Re: Semilive problem
SemiLiveMusic Offline
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Thanks to all. I'll give some thoughts because it might help someone.

I feel better now than I have in a long time. It seems that I am getting more oxygen. I am eager to do a gig and see if I have more air while singing. I have thought for a long time that I just do not have much lung capacity. Perhaps it will be better now; I got out yesterday and sang in the car and seemed to have more air.

Also eager to go for one of my long hikes and see how I fare. What's weird about this is that all last year, I could walk FAST for 4-6 miles, using nordic ski poles, which makes it about 40% harder... and have zero problem. Yet, I had this 2nd blockage growing that I didn't even know was there until the chest pain with this event.

Strike 2, I hope there is not a strike 3 and you're out, haha. I haven't had a drink since this event came about and I think I now know I *must* reduce or eliminate alcohol. Either I am going to just never drink again or limit it to two drinks. I think I have the willpower to do that, now that I know how bad this situation is.

And lastly, I am working on ways to reduce stress. Which is the only other thing I know to do that I haven't been doing. I eat a low carb diet and I really enjoy it, so, I'm not changing that. Plus, my bloodwork, as predicted by Dr. Eades, is BETTER on low-carb.

BTW, more fuel to the cholesterol theory as preached by mainstream medicine being suspect (less than 200 is good)... my total cholesterol is only 165! I think it was 170 at time of my first heart event three years ago. My triglycerides are too high but I attribute that to too much alcohol. It's certainly not sugar or starches because I eat very low-carb. My HDL was too low this time, I hope to improve that.

My LDL was good, I think it was 76, but I requested that they do a special test to see how large the particle sizes are. There is a growing body of evidence that says that if your LDL is small dense particles, that's bad and if it's large, fluffy particles, that's good.

These numbers are USA measurements, BTW. Europe does it differently.

Glad to be upright!
~ ~ ~

#255281 - 02/08/09 08:24 AM Re: Semilive problem
Dnj Online   content
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Bill great to have you back up & about thats veryt good news!!

Keep getting better we have a Jam coming up in January & I wanna hear you do more Johnny Cash!!
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