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#242673 - 09/18/08 10:01 AM Re: What is Yamaha thinking?
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Originally posted by Diki:
Unless the T3 is a flop compared to the T2, don't expect any change in the T4

I am perfectly fine never purchasing a keyboard every again if it is merely a sneaky plot to dress up a whole new plastic housing sold as..a newly updated $4000
OS system.
Rather it is a B.S system.

#242674 - 09/19/08 09:23 AM Re: What is Yamaha thinking?
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Originally posted by Ensnareyou:
When you say most professional published songwriters use "Arrangers" you mean a human who arranges songs for instruments and orchestras, not an arranger keyboard right?

Of all the professional songwriters and musicians I know, I can count those that use an arranger keyboard to compose songs on less than two hands. Most pro's I know write songs typically on either a piano or guitar as their primary writing instrument. I myself prefer to write on piano or a synthesizer but will often use my arranger keyboard to flesh out a song after the basic concept is written. Once I have the song structure down then I typically bring in real musicians to play the parts such as guitar, sax, and drums.

I know that in Nashville there are songwriters who use arrangers to flesh out songs but afterwards they bring in world class studio musicians to track the songs after they are written. I've yet to meet a single professional published songwriter who has conceived, recorded, and released a song to radio, TV, or film that was done entirely on an arranger keyboard.

Arranger keyboards are a very, very small niche and while those here on Synthzone may utilize them daily, we are the exception and not the rule.

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I meant human Arrangers. The keyboard Arrangers are just virtual Human Arrangers

I have no issue using the Arranger for BG tracks on a CD. We sell CDS on site. The average Joe could care less and could not tell if real instruments were used. The Arrangers save a lot of Studio time and paying musicians. IF I were going to use real musicians I would buy a Fantom or Motif.

Use the on brand sequencer and arpeggiators and hire musicians. I believe its actually more acceptable to sell a CD with arranger tracks than to use an entire arrangement live. I believe most people will view that as Karaoke whereas the CD with the arranger parts would not be considered as singing to a KAraoke track.
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#242675 - 11/13/08 12:40 PM Re: What is Yamaha thinking?
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you portuguese? living in NJ/NY?

#242676 - 11/13/08 12:44 PM Re: What is Yamaha thinking?
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Originally posted by leezone:

you portuguese? living in NJ/NY?

Yes, are you portuguese also?
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#242677 - 11/13/08 01:29 PM Re: What is Yamaha thinking?
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Topic: What is Yamaha thinking?

Simple: Profit, profit, profit, profit and then more sales to gain even more profit !!!!!

But, Yamaha are not alone thinking like that.
Cheers 🥂
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#242678 - 11/13/08 05:59 PM Re: What is Yamaha thinking?
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Yeah... Thank God no-one here uses arrangers for profit, profit, profit

We are all ARTISTS here, aren't we...?

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