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#242160 - 09/09/08 05:08 PM First sound samples of T#
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#242161 - 09/09/08 05:27 PM Re: First sound samples of T#
Ensnareyou Offline

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Wow what a disappointing sound set. The thing that makes it even sadder is that I'm sure those sounds presented are the best that the Tyros 3 has to offer. Not what I'd call a groundbreaking step forward by any stretch. Perhaps when I audition the Tyros 3 in person it will impress me but all signs so far are pointing to NO!

#242162 - 09/09/08 06:44 PM Re: First sound samples of T#
zuki Offline
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Sounds like the same old Yamaha stuff to me - not that it's bad. You either like that sound or not
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#242163 - 09/09/08 09:05 PM Re: First sound samples of T#
mikey_maestro Offline

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That was very Nice! I still think the T2 is an awesome board. Can i justify selling my T2 to buy this upcoming T3? I'm not sure. I do love some of those samples. I do understand that these programmers are much better players than I am. I'm looking forward to playing it.

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#242164 - 09/09/08 09:21 PM Re: First sound samples of T#
Fran Carango Offline
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Well I listened in detail all the samples..

I have the same problem with Tyros 3 as the previous models...No real definition of sounds...they still sound like you are hearing the sounds from another room..

The breathy superb...most of the other best sounds are just okay to me..not bad at all[best selected)..but not great cutting through a mix sounds...

I noticed the comparison between the Tyros2 and Tyros 3..mp3's....that Yamaha decided to use an attempt to get the board to sound "in your face"...better yes, but still not as good as Korg , Ketron , and Roland...I even thought the quality of the Yamaha sounds suffered because of compression...

Tyros3 is a decent top of the line board..especially for the Yamaha fans....but still falls short for me..even in it's so called strenght.."Sounds"...

and we didn't even mention key size and range..

I have to agree with both Lee and Zuki...

#242165 - 09/09/08 09:51 PM Re: First sound samples of T#
Dnj Offline
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I loved it WOW!!

Until I hear something else to compare it too from another company........
which hopefully be soon....

does anyone know if there is any NEW navigational changes between T2 and T3......& is the Vocalizer improved?

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#242166 - 09/10/08 12:20 AM Re: First sound samples of T#
chony Offline
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Originally posted by Dnj:
I loved it WOW!!

Until I hear something else to compare it too from another company........
which hopefully be soon....

does anyone know if there is any NEW navigational changes between T2 and T3......& is the Vocalizer improved?

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I like the sounds I heard, but I still think Yamaha is selling us short here... For an upgrade from T2 to T3, we should be getting more than a couple of sounds.

I'll wait to hear it personally before I decide (unlike the T1 and T2 which I happily bought before trying.) But even if I end up getting it I will keep the Korg Pa2x and perhaps even use both on stage. Thankfully I'm in the position to justify having a few keyboards for my performances.

#242167 - 09/10/08 12:27 AM Re: First sound samples of T#
Diki Offline

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I think one of the tricks with the Roland drums is, first of all, they are TD-Drums derived, which means they are 'drummer-approved', and secondly, the thing that always strikes me sonically is they are quite 'ambient'... There's a LOT of 'room' around the samples - in fact, I remember when they first came out, a lot of people bitched about it! They were SO used to bone dry Canvas based drum sounds, the sound of a drum kit that actually sounded like a drum kit was quite strange, especially to arranger players, who, let's face it, don't often get out and play with REAL drummers a whole bunch!

BUT.... it strikes me that PERHAPS the new FX sections in the T3 might be able to dedicate a reverb to provide this early reflection/drum room sound, and STILL have another reverb for larger spaces as well. That might, along with mixing them hotter (you've got to face it, Yamaha don't exactly mix them front and center - wouldn't want any of their 'home' player retirees to have a heart attack, now ) finally get the drum sound to an acceptable amount of 'punch'.

To be honest, I quite like their toms already, and I heard some ghosting and the like on some of the new demos. It was just mixed WAY too far back for me! I don't think it's a quantum leap ahead, but it IS an improvement, IMO

I was underwhelmed by the piano, though... It still has that 'hole in the middle' sound, edges are well defined, but the middle three octaves sounds distant. It seemed only a small improvement (it's warmer, but still compressed, IMO - but perhaps the demo is being choked by the Master Compressor). Can't wait to hear the Purgatory Creek file through this...

No Chord Sequencer (the ONE Roland feature worth stealing more than the drum sound )

But it'll be fun to try and convert some of these new styles to Roland. Can't wait for that!
An arranger is just a tool. What matters is what you build with it..!

#242168 - 09/10/08 03:01 AM Re: First sound samples of T#
kla4 Offline

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Very nice review and the shown samples are VERY good! Cristal clear voices close to perfection. Realize you do need HQ speakers- and ears to be able to recognize the quality of this great machine. When peope say ".... sounds from another room" .... there might be something very wrong with either cables routing, speaker locations or ears
I can't wait to get mine

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#242169 - 09/10/08 05:43 AM Re: First sound samples of T#
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Firstly, great job by the YamahaPKOwner team on putting up the review and the demos!

However, I disagree with the reviewer on YamahaPkowner that the new T3 sounds grittier or dirtier. The acoustic sounds individually are wonderful and the Sa2 voices are a marvelous implementation, but the entire keyboard sounds the same as previous models; docile and over-compressed not live and colorful. Even with the new DSP section, the keyboard sounds like a plate of glass. It's almost Muzak-like???

After owning both the T1 and the T2 and now the Korg Pa2. I can tell you there is a presence about the Korg samples, even without effects, that just emote a more lively colorful performance.

Al Giordano

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