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#24082 - 01/01/07 03:58 PM How do I copy XP-30 data to XP-80???

I've owned an XP-30 for the past 7 years and love it. I will be performing out of the country, and the backline supplier only has access to an XP-80 . Is there any way to save the data (patch and performance settings) from my XP-30 and load it onto an XP-80?

#24083 - 02/14/07 12:11 PM Re: How do I copy XP-30 data to XP-80???
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If you have a computer that can read smart cards, then yes this can be done. All you need to do is insert the Smart Card with the XP30 patches into your computer, then get a floppy disk and copy the sounds from the smart card (.svd files) to the floppy.

Stick the floppy into the XP80 and Voila, you should be done.


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