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#239395 - 08/04/08 01:05 AM To Diki and others-clear the air
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Firstly I want to say that any of my comments about extraneous information on threads, were not, never intented to be and never will be , personal attacks.

Diki I respect your opinion, as well as other forum members who may have felt slighted, and Diki I respect you as a person and a musician and your experience. Well, as much as one can on a forum anyway.

I firmly believe you are certainly one of the forum members who can "walk the walk" and I always read your thoughts on different subjects with keen interest, and as I have stated I do agree with you pretty much most of the time.

My only beef is that sometimes yours, and others, comments don't really relate to the topic, BUT I can understand how you and others view the forum as being one of a general nature, and therefore replies are presented sometimes in a much broader way.

Perhaps I should not try to be so strict in my interpretation of whats on topic and whats not and accept that occasionally people, including myself, can stray from a direct response.

I certainly did not intend any insult, although I can see that some comments might have been a bit too caustic and personal, and for those I do apologise.

I do not apologise for my view however, as it is what I believe, and I think you would understand that.

But the syntax, yes I certainly apologise for that.

This is not a post to generate a response. I am not that sort of person, I just say what's on my mind and then move on.

I just wanted to clarify a couple of things.

I am happy to move on and hopefully we can share further experiences, thoughts and opinions in the future.

I certainly hope so.


#239396 - 08/04/08 07:01 AM Re: To Diki and others-clear the air
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That's a MIGHTY post, Dennis. As consiliatory as it is, let me say that I, personally, don't feel the need for it. Your original post was just fine. Just because someone interpretted it differently than you expected doesn't discount the fact that maybe WE all should think twice about what we say and where we say it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with respecting the originally posted topic. Of course we're all going to stray OT to some extent, but to send a thread into a completely different direction is unnecessary most of the time.
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#239397 - 08/04/08 08:42 AM Re: To Diki and others-clear the air
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Dennis, your posts here are not only welcome, but valuable.

Because of the unique qualities of this type of communication, it's sometimes easy to be misinterpreted.

You and I had a slight problem once, but that's been forgotten a long time ago, and replaced with enjoyable exchanges that are generally on the same page.

Us Leon Russell fans "gotta stick together"!

Glad you're here.


PS: Diki reminds me of...ME years ago. He has the chops and knows what he's talking about.

At first blush, his style is confrontatinal, but looking behind the bravado for a second will reveal an articulate person committed to
his craft and passionate about his beliefs.



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#239398 - 08/04/08 09:53 AM Re: To Diki and others-clear the air
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Well the one thing I've learnt on this forum is...

Don't Iritate Know-it=all Individuals !

#239399 - 08/04/08 11:32 AM Re: To Diki and others-clear the air
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Look, I apologize also, everyone. I had no intention of starting this, and deeply regret where it went.

All I have to say is that I overreacted to being told by a member what, where and when I should post (and everyone else here, too - you might have noticed that the T3 thread had gone WAY OT long before I ever made a post. I simply seem to be the one everyone loves to bait!). I am fairly sure, under different circumstances, that Dennis might have reacted the same way, were I to instruct HIM how to address this forum..

I would also like to address Nigel, who has shown REAL moderator skills, by simply closing down the threads, and removing the offensive posts, but, as usual, short of member on member abuse, seems to be himself content to let things go where they will, except in extreme cases. This IS different from some other, tightly focused, single subject forums (OK, chony? ), and at least I, and I believe many of our members, appreciate this freedom. Thank you, Nigel, for this place to come and chat about arrangers in general. I spend a fair amount of time here, and would regret not having it

Far from being a simple Q&A site, or a technical forum for operational tips and tricks, this site has always been a CONVERSATION, between friends, colleagues, and yes, a few crusty ducks . And, as all conversations go, often meanders quite a bit. Some like this, some don't. But what are the alternatives?

A forum is like a house, with many rooms. A bunch, large or small, gather in one room when someone brings up a subject. As is the nature of all conversations (at least in my experience), they drift sometimes, especially when the large majority are not riveted by the one topic. But do we continue our conversation in place, or do some of us get up, and move to a different room when the slightest divergence from the original subject is mentioned? And then, in the next room, when THAT divulges in the least, do some of us get up and go to yet another room? I respectfully submit that in real life, few, if any of us do this. The end result would be most of us, fairly alone, all in separate rooms, mumbling to ourselves, and there goes the idea of conversation

Most threads that drift, drift for a reason. I respectfully point out that one post cannot take a thread OT, unless the people talking about the original subject are a) done with the subject and b) interested in talking about the new direction, which, once again, I respectfully submit is VERY rarely a complete non-sequitur, merely a broadening of the original conversation. You can see this happen, all over SZ. Some threads, despite a moment of broadening, rapidly get back on track, and some take on a life of their own. This is fairly unique amongst arranger forums, and, given that there ARE other tight, focused, one subject one thread forums, does not preclude those here from availing themselves of those sites when they DO wish focused replies. If that's what they truly wish (despite often going OT themselves, when it suits them ), those places already exist.

But for those of us that come here for a chat, a conversation, a kaffeeklatsch, a round table, if you will, I would deeply regret for SZ to become a very different place than it now is. Despite what happened here yesterday, as you can see, our community keeps us together, along with the gentle, almost invisible guidance of our moderator, Nigel. We get over it, and go on, and things return to normal

To anyone troubled and upset by yesterdays lapse of good judgment, I sincerely apologize. I will try my hardest to keep things from going utterly OT, but I just hope that when the inevitable 'broadening' of a topic happens (whether by me or the silent majority that ALL do it from time to time ), this doesn't start all over again...

Let's just leave all the moderating to Nigel...

Peace out, y'all
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#239400 - 08/04/08 01:52 PM Re: To Diki and others-clear the air
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Originally posted by Diki:
and yes, a few crusty ducks .

What's he talking about. I resemble that remark.

"Faith means not wanting to know what is true." [Nietzsche]

#239401 - 08/04/08 03:17 PM Re: To Diki and others-clear the air
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