Firstly I want to say that any of my comments about extraneous information on threads, were not, never intented to be and never will be , personal attacks.

Diki I respect your opinion, as well as other forum members who may have felt slighted, and Diki I respect you as a person and a musician and your experience. Well, as much as one can on a forum anyway.

I firmly believe you are certainly one of the forum members who can "walk the walk" and I always read your thoughts on different subjects with keen interest, and as I have stated I do agree with you pretty much most of the time.

My only beef is that sometimes yours, and others, comments don't really relate to the topic, BUT I can understand how you and others view the forum as being one of a general nature, and therefore replies are presented sometimes in a much broader way.

Perhaps I should not try to be so strict in my interpretation of whats on topic and whats not and accept that occasionally people, including myself, can stray from a direct response.

I certainly did not intend any insult, although I can see that some comments might have been a bit too caustic and personal, and for those I do apologise.

I do not apologise for my view however, as it is what I believe, and I think you would understand that.

But the syntax, yes I certainly apologise for that.

This is not a post to generate a response. I am not that sort of person, I just say what's on my mind and then move on.

I just wanted to clarify a couple of things.

I am happy to move on and hopefully we can share further experiences, thoughts and opinions in the future.

I certainly hope so.