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#238705 - 07/28/08 12:43 PM Re: Sigh .... July 21st
captain Russ Offline
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Keep Smilin' bud! The situation's not ideal, but much better than it could be.


#238706 - 07/28/08 01:33 PM Re: Sigh .... July 21st
Fran Carango Offline
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Originally posted by Uncle Dave:
OMG, John .....I don't mean to sound vulgar, but this woman is the definition of MILF. (GILF, lately!)She looks better now than when I met her. Maybe because I'm seeing her from the inside out, or maybe she really IS all that. All my daughter's friends think she's hot, so who am I to question?

Thanx for the kind words - if we even stay as simply friends for the rest of our lives, then mine will be blessed more than I deserve. She's amazing, and my kids are the reflection of the best of her.

ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!

#238707 - 07/28/08 07:49 PM Re: Sigh .... July 21st
keybplayer Offline
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It happens more than you realize UD. Ex'es remarrying that is. I read about it a lot and a lot of times it turns out to be peaches and cream the second time around. The kids have grown up or almost grown up and therefore it gives a couple more time to really get to know one another better and at a more leisurely pace.

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#238708 - 07/28/08 08:29 PM Re: Sigh .... July 21st
bruno123 Offline
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A while back I came to the realization that my wife was not extension of me, I had no right to try and change her to what I thought was right/perfect. “The world was not all about me.”

When that happened I saw a woman I had never seen before, she’s beautiful, a step further, she’s precious. She is now my friend, we stand on the same side of the fence.

John C.

#238709 - 07/28/08 09:29 PM Re: Sigh .... July 21st
Uncle Dave Online   content
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That's nice, John. You're very lucky.
Fran - get your head outta the gutter!
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