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Didn't you post somewhere that this was the best sounding PA you've ever used? )

Hey there Mr. Langholff. Here's more specifically what I believe: the PozI custom configured z5000 setup's the best sounding stereo in a single cabinet + sub system I've ever heard thru the Yamaha Tyros2.

Though I'm very impressed with the Bose L1 sound, especially on vocals & acoustic instruments, unless you can afford to purchase two of them, due to 'phase cancellation', Yamaha's 'stereo sampled' keyboard voices (especially acoustic GRAND PIANO) still sound 'to my ears' pitifully thin & unacceptable when mixed to a single (mono) Bose L1 unit, even after attempting to tweak and adjust them to sound as good as possible thru an L1.

What amazed me most about the z5500 (2nd to the sound) is its incredibly low price. After rebate, I got mine (from Amazon.com) for $175.

Having owned the Motion-Sound KP100S and heard the larger KP200S, I'm inclined to think the z500 Poz system to be a comparable match soundwise to the newest Motion Sound KP500SN , and at a fraction of the cost and twice the power output as well. That said, I'd love an opportunity to put these two units up against each other in a sound test.

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Could you give the EQ settings that you've found work the best for you?

Here are the z5500 settings I use:

Effect: PLII Music

Panorama: OFF
Dimension: Center position
Center Width: Center position
Surround Delay: Lowest Setting

Subwoofer: Level 1 or 2
Surround: Level 3
Center: Level 10
Volume: Level 10

Tyros2: Compressor - ON
Compressor Type: Attacky or Full Bit

If you need more details, feel free to call me on the phone. It would be great to chat again.


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