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#236376 - 06/20/08 07:48 AM Re: Best sounding Trumpet on an arranger?
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Hi Stepehen & Tony, thanks for listening


#236377 - 06/20/08 04:07 PM Re: Best sounding Trumpet on an arranger?
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The roland G70 showing some stiff competion in the Trumpet catagory for sure.........


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#236378 - 06/20/08 11:19 PM Re: Best sounding Trumpet on an arranger?
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Anyone a horn player here? Impressed?

Didn't think so

Brass can turn on a dime. One minute it's all James Last, next minute it's Miles. No horn patch has ever remotely approached the range of the real thing. Restrict yourself to one narrow timbre, and you can get close, but the problem is that horn players are so distinctive, No-one would ever confuse Maynard with Miles, or Burt Kaempfurt with Satchmo.

Expecting one horn Tone to work for everything is futile. Best approach is to have several under your fingers, and chose which you need on the spur of the moment. BTW, I HATE those velocity triggered trills, falls, doits, whatever. What happens if you want to play loud WITHOUT a decoration? Much better to trigger those with a footswitch, and gain the ability to trill at low volume and play straight at high, when you need it...

So, for the different manufacturers, a push, in my book. They ALL get some of it right, and miss some of it completely. As you would expect, IMO...

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