From the date of 1st April 2008, we are pleased to announce that the sole distributor for all NTSC format "Arranger secrets" DVD's is Frank Ventresca from AudioWorks USA. The distributorship includes all territories requiring NTSC format DVD's. This includes most of the Americas and Canada, not just North America. Audioworks will handle all inquiries, and any inquiries for NTSC format DVD's that arrive in the from the date of 1st April onwards will be forwarded to Audioworks for response. The price to USA customers inclusive of P&P will be $70.

I have just sent a box containing 100 DVD sets to Frank. In this box are 61 "back orders" that Frank will send out on my behalf (in order to reduce the cost of international P&P). My apologies to these 61 customers for being so late with your deliveries. With the new arrangement via Audioworks, there will be a much better and more responsive service to customers in the Americas and Canada in the future.

I believe Frank will publish the contact details for Audioworks in due course.

We are still hoping that a Korg distributor in Europe will approach us with a view to become sole distributor for the Rest of World that uses PAL format DVD's. Until then the service for the PAL DVD's will continue to be provided by Worth who I know is struggling to cope with the workload.

Best regards,

Ρομπερτοσ Σερραττ
(Robert Sherratt)

Thank you Rob,

Many of you have purchased Keyboards from me so you are familiar with me, but for those who are new.

Frank Ventresca
164 Old Gate Lane
Milford, CT 06460
(888) 374-6076

I should be receiving the first shipment at the end of next week, so most of you should receive your orders the following week.

Please call or email me with any questions

Thank you

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