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#226853 - 02/12/08 09:42 AM ESH new Video Stranger On The Shore
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"I finally put a demo song online and you can see it here.

This is "Stranger On The Shore" from my latest album "Love By Request".

I bought myself a Panasonic PVG320 camcorder for Christmas and Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 for making both online videos and demo DVD's. This is my first attempt and it shows. Unfortunately my wife was not smooth with the zooms and we intend to practice more and try again but I thought this would do for the moment.

What I wanted to do was to fake a three-camera shoot by filming the same song three times from different angles and editing the footage together with the audio from my CD. Very tricky to get the audio and video to sync up.

Also I wanted better quality than the standard YouTube stuff so this is a DivX download instead of a compressed stream.

Anyway, feel free to comment. BTW: what you see me playing is a Radio Shack piano (rebranded Casio CDP-100) that I use as a controller for my Yamaha 9000 Pro. "

I though some of you might enjoy this production I surly did.....nice job!

#226854 - 02/12/08 01:09 PM Re: ESH new Video Stranger On The Shore
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So is this an arranger demo, or was that an SMF? I didn't see any calls to the arranger buttons (but he might have used footswitches) and it's difficult to see whether he's playing in pianostyle, or just playing to the backing.

The song's execution is OK, but I was expecting just a bit more flash. Such a simple tune, played so simply, really deserved something more than just piano all the way through, or more flash from the piano if that was the choice. And finally, a decent camcorder audio recording (or at least, married to the video later) to illustrate what so many of us have said about Yamaha drums... Piano - nicely defined, crisp, cuts through. Drums - wooly, and lacking in definition. You can't blame the recording (it would have made the piano wooly, too). Priority #1 on the NEXT T-series, IMO (and yes, I know it's a 9kPro!).... better drums.

But for a user video, it's definitely at the top of the heap, and perhaps should be a reminder to even the many manufacturers that let out god-awful videos, that a modicum of care and attention, even on consumer grade equipment, can make a video that doesn't embarrass their arrangers (as most of them do).

Nice job, Esh...
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