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#224445 - 01/15/08 11:57 AM More on the CM-30, please
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Okay, Iíve been mulling this over in my mind since Captain Russís posting about the CM-30 Ö that is; using a CM-30 with the Barbetta.
Given that:
1. I already own a Barbetta
2. The Barbetta has a good low end, even boomy at times, and the 5Ē tweeter may be a little inadequate.
3. Usersí reviews indicate that the CM-30 is weak in the low end, and has better highs.
4. I donít need stereo

What kind of results do you think I may get chaining the Barbetta Sona 31 with the Roland CM-30?
Would the 225 watt Barbetta greatly overshadow the 30 watt CM-30?
Would the combination give me a fuller spectrum low to high?
Will I blow up the CM-30?
Would I get better results coming out of the Barbetta into a 2-way speaker with a bigger tweeter/horn?

#224446 - 01/15/08 12:14 PM Re: More on the CM-30, please
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Jerry, I would think that you would simply line out of the larger unit. That way, you wouldn't blow up the CM-30. Then, you would either use
the CM-30 as a powered monitor, pointed towards you, or as a sound reinforcement unit. You could aim it at an uncovered part of the room if needed.

Whether it would be a monitor or a part of a powered Pa system would depend on where you aim the unit(s).


#224447 - 01/15/08 12:15 PM Re: More on the CM-30, please
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Here's my take:
1. If you can use the Barbetta as a pre-amp for the CM-30 that might boost its output.
2. Since both amps would be running the same signal (not 2-way, no split) the Sona could very well overpower the CM-30.
3. I doubt the CM-30 would blow up. You could experience distortion.
4. Use the CM-30 as stage one and send its signal to the Sona.
5. Use the set-up where you would normally use just the Barbetta and then add the CM-30 and play with the adjustment.
6. If you can use the 31 as a sub only, the separation and disparity of power should not make much difference.

ABOVE ALL, the CM-30 is for small areas, so use it where it alone would work and then add the Sona 31 for bottom end. Good luck.
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#224448 - 01/15/08 01:28 PM Re: More on the CM-30, please
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Don't use a full range, higher powered unit with the CM-30..Makes no sense...If you were to use a similar powered sub woofer..than I would say yes...

#224449 - 01/16/08 12:22 PM Re: More on the CM-30, please
captain Russ Offline
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I just started using the CM-30 at an Italian restaurant here. The main room is a shotgun where I use two 12/horn cabinets and a 200 watt head. Off to the left is a party room with a 6 foot opening into the main bar. Sometime it contains overflow and sometimes there is a party in the room. I line out of the pa head and use one CM-30 as a satellite pa. The room holds 50 or fewer people, and this set-up works fine.I can set volume and tone separately to match whatever is inthe room.

works for me!


#224450 - 01/16/08 12:40 PM Re: More on the CM-30, please
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Way to go Russ the flexability of the CM30's is endless, if you know how to get the best out of them like us old pros do

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#224451 - 01/16/08 02:11 PM Re: More on the CM-30, please
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I look at this a bit differently. The Barbetta is an outstanding amp and it has lots of great features. The CM-30 is an overpriced guitar amp that IMO really doesn't cut it. I suspect that you can get all you really need out of the Barbetta by merely tuning the keyboard's Global EQs, and setting the EQs on the Barbetta. One less piece of gear to haul around, less things to cause problems, less setup time. If I were in your shoes this is the way I would go. Fortunately, I'm not in your shoes. The decission is yours.


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