Okay, Iíve been mulling this over in my mind since Captain Russís posting about the CM-30 Ö that is; using a CM-30 with the Barbetta.
Given that:
1. I already own a Barbetta
2. The Barbetta has a good low end, even boomy at times, and the 5Ē tweeter may be a little inadequate.
3. Usersí reviews indicate that the CM-30 is weak in the low end, and has better highs.
4. I donít need stereo

What kind of results do you think I may get chaining the Barbetta Sona 31 with the Roland CM-30?
Would the 225 watt Barbetta greatly overshadow the 30 watt CM-30?
Would the combination give me a fuller spectrum low to high?
Will I blow up the CM-30?
Would I get better results coming out of the Barbetta into a 2-way speaker with a bigger tweeter/horn?