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#221041 - 07/21/05 06:21 AM I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!!
Tony Rome Offline

Registered: 12/11/04
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Loc: Cozumel Mexico
Just restored the electricity and phone line
Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes....they worked....we came through this thing with little in the proccess of cleaning up and getting back to normal, will post more as time permits.... have some photos to share....just wanted to let everyone know that I am well..this was #5 for me here...again, thanks to all for your great support......
Tony Rome

#221042 - 07/21/05 06:31 AM Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!!
nardoni2002 Offline

Registered: 08/12/02
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Loc: malaga, spain
hi tony,pleased to hear all ok,hopefully everything will be back to normal as soon as possible for you,mike

#221043 - 07/21/05 06:42 AM Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!!
tony mads usa Offline
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Loc: East Greenwich RI USA
Tonyyyyyy ... GREAT to hear from you, man, ... glad you and yours got thru this ok ... Lots of sighs of relief from this end ...
t. cool

#221044 - 07/21/05 06:44 AM Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!!
Dnj Online   content
Senior Member

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Loc: USA
Tony great to hear your ok with minimal damage....cant wait to see the pictures..
stay well...we're pullin for ya!!

#221045 - 07/21/05 07:00 AM Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!!
trident Offline
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Registered: 08/22/04
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Loc: Athens, Greece
Tony, it is good to hear you are alright.

#221046 - 07/21/05 07:06 AM Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!!
ChicoBrasil Offline

Registered: 06/09/01
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Loc: Belo Horizonte,Minas Gerais,Br...
Hello Tony.

I am glad to hear you .

Cheers and regards from Brazil

#221047 - 07/21/05 07:45 AM Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!!
btweengigs Online   crying
Senior Member

Registered: 09/09/02
Posts: 2201
Loc: Florida, USA
Tony ....
It is a relief to hear you and your restaurant are okay. We are thankful for that ...and really appreciate you checking in with us as quickly as you could.


#221048 - 07/21/05 08:01 AM Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!!
Scottyee Offline
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Loc: San Francisco Bay Area, CA, US...
Hey Tony, what a relief to hear that you made it thru Emily ok. Don't know if you saw these pics or not yet, but here are pics taken of you & your restaurant when my sister & brother in law visited you, just 3 days BEFORE the onslaught of hurricane Emily. I hope your restaurant's awnings & outdoor areas survived the storm ok. Tony. Tony, looking forward to seeing your photos to see how things look now, after the hurricane.

Tony Rome's Restaurant 3 Days BEFORE Emily arrived:

Tony Rome's Restaurant & Bikes:

Restaurant Interior:

Outdoor Dining Entrance

OutDoor Bar

My Sister Kathy & Tony Rome


#221049 - 07/21/05 08:58 AM Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!!
loungelyzard Offline

Registered: 10/31/04
Posts: 535
Loc: North Eastern Calif.

Sure were worried about you, GLAD you're okay.........Pose

ps:...Those Yee kids sure get around don't they?
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#221050 - 07/21/05 09:16 AM Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!!
BEBOP Offline
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Loc: San Jose, California
So.....we are all going to Cozumel after all. Great!
We are all happy for your Tony. Thanks for the update.
Best to you and yours,

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