Posted by: Tony Rome

I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 06:21 AM

Just restored the electricity and phone line
Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes....they worked....we came through this thing with little damage..am in the proccess of cleaning up and getting back to normal, will post more as time permits.... have some photos to share....just wanted to let everyone know that I am well..this was #5 for me here...again, thanks to all for your great support......
Tony Rome
Posted by: nardoni2002

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 06:31 AM

hi tony,pleased to hear all ok,hopefully everything will be back to normal as soon as possible for you,mike
Posted by: tony mads usa

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 06:42 AM

Tonyyyyyy ... GREAT to hear from you, man, ... glad you and yours got thru this ok ... Lots of sighs of relief from this end ...
Posted by: Dnj

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 06:44 AM

Tony great to hear your ok with minimal damage....cant wait to see the pictures..
stay well...we're pullin for ya!!
Posted by: trident

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 07:00 AM

Tony, it is good to hear you are alright.
Posted by: ChicoBrasil

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 07:06 AM

Hello Tony.

I am glad to hear you .

Cheers and regards from Brazil
Posted by: btweengigs

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 07:45 AM

Tony ....
It is a relief to hear you and your restaurant are okay. We are thankful for that ...and really appreciate you checking in with us as quickly as you could.

Posted by: Scottyee

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 08:01 AM

Hey Tony, what a relief to hear that you made it thru Emily ok. Don't know if you saw these pics or not yet, but here are pics taken of you & your restaurant when my sister & brother in law visited you, just 3 days BEFORE the onslaught of hurricane Emily. I hope your restaurant's awnings & outdoor areas survived the storm ok. Tony. Tony, looking forward to seeing your photos to see how things look now, after the hurricane.

Tony Rome's Restaurant 3 Days BEFORE Emily arrived:

Tony Rome's Restaurant & Bikes:

Restaurant Interior:

Outdoor Dining Entrance

OutDoor Bar

My Sister Kathy & Tony Rome

Posted by: loungelyzard

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 08:58 AM


Sure were worried about you, GLAD you're okay.........Pose

ps:...Those Yee kids sure get around don't they?
Posted by: BEBOP

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 09:16 AM

So.....we are all going to Cozumel after all. Great!
We are all happy for your Tony. Thanks for the update.
Best to you and yours,
Posted by: Stephenm52

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 09:18 AM


Welcome back! Glad you're OK. I saw a news report where they interviewed a restaruant owner who was very happy because his place of business did not sustain any major damage. Thought it may have been you, but as I look at the pictures posted here I know it wasn't you. Anyway welcome back!
Posted by: Sheriff

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 10:35 AM

It's good to hear that you're back, Tony!!!
I knew it from the first time on that you'll surmount the hurricane because you'll have to organize the Cozumel Jam Session, haven't you???

Greetings from Frankfurt (Germany),
Sheriff ;-)
Posted by: eddiefromrotherham

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 10:55 AM

Hi Tony
good to know that you are safe and well.
Having spoken to you and seen you and your wife and little girl a few weeks ago using skype and spontania, I feel closer to you
than with my other mail contacts
Those pics from Scott are great. When I get the chance to holiday in exotic places, Cozumel will be the first on my list of priorities.
Eddie Johnson

Eddie from Rotherham

Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 11:29 AM

Wow! Glad everything is OK. Wish I could hop on a plane and come down to help you clean up, but if I do I'll have to change my marital status on my tax return.

I'll call you soon,


Travlin' Easy
Posted by: Scottyee

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 11:33 AM

Just got off the telephone (Skype) with Tony and he told me he made it thru the hurricane safely. Thankfully, due to the communities good hurricane preparedness, power & telephone service have already been restored, and there has been relatively minimal damage to his restuarant. What a relief to hear this news. Tony, welcome back. Great to hear your voice again.- Scott
Posted by: brickboo

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 11:41 AM

Tony, nice looking place. Can you use a Sax man? If so, see if you can book me as a OMB on a Cruise Ship so as I can get there. Ha! Ha!

Glad to see you came out in decent shape. I'd been thru all the bad ones that hit New Orleans between 1941 and 1973. We used to go the High School where the walls were 2 or 3 foot thick. Those walls felt a lot saver then our standard 4 walled 1850 home we lived in. Also, we could run up to the 3rd floor if the Mississippi River Levee gave way. We were 6 blocks from the river from two directions. The River makes a big turn there thus, the Crescent City.
Posted by: Riceroni9

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 02:10 PM

Tony: I was greatly relieved to see your post. (Noticed it while at work early this morning. Could not respond due to company rules.) Sending this from home. Glad it was not too bad for you. Keep plugging. You have a pretty good "fan base" here.

RICE (The Lone Arranger)
Posted by: travlin'easy

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 04:47 PM

I just talked with Tony on the phone, he was fortunate and only had minimal damage, a few things to patch up and take care of, and within the next few months, Cozumel will again be among Mexico's top tourist attractions. I'm really looking forward to October.

Stay well my friend,


Travlin' Easy
Posted by: loungelyzard

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 05:24 PM

The little woman and I have been talking about making the trip, hope it works out, would love to meet you guys........Pose
Posted by: ViLo

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 08:37 PM

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Posted by: Nigel

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/21/05 10:23 PM

It's great to hear that everything is OK Tony. Hopefully life will be a bit more peaceful for you for some time to come.
Posted by: Tom Cavanaugh

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/22/05 05:30 AM


I'm glad to hear you are OK. As long as you are fine everything else can be fixed. Our friends son was honeymooning there and had to seek shelter. He and his bride were delayed returning to Michigan but otherwise are OK also.

Posted by: SD_FAN

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/22/05 07:42 AM

Hi Tony.

Glad to hear you and yours are ok.


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Posted by: Tony Rome

Re: I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACK!!!!!! - 07/22/05 01:07 PM

I just want to thank everyone for your kind words, concern and overall good wishes...I'm
truly blessed with great friends and this form and it's fraternity of music makers-lovers is right up there at the top...you all really make it feel like home and an extended family....thank you all again and maybe someday we will all meet somewhere where we can all make music.....
Tony Rome