Yes, EMC "StyleWorks Universal" allows you to convert styles between 'most' all brands/models of arranger keyboards. They include: Technics, Roland E & G series(including EM200), Yamaha PSR series (including PSR9000),Korg i series, Solton MS series and X1, and Wersi Pegasus series. Unfortunately GEM keyboards are NOT currently supported (at least to my knowledge). I am not sure if the Technics KN6000 is supported (yet). The last time (a few months ago) I spoke with Klaus Grosse (author of the software), he was working on this so I assume that the KN6000 is now supported.Don't know about the VA-7, perhaps Fran can answer that one.

If ordered from Tastenshop, the price for EMC "StyleWorks Universal" is 798.00 DEM ($360.00 US Dollars).Tastenshop can email you the software (including manual)and will also provide you with a unique pin code2 password to let you into the program. I ordered from Tastenshop this way to avoid shippping charges, but most of all, to be able to download and install the program right away. Klaus has been very good about providing free program updates as well (for support of recently added keyboards).

Tastenshop web address:

Sorry for telling you (earlier in this thread) that your GEM keyboard would probably work with the EMC programs. I just checked my copy of "StyleWorks Universal" and found that GEM is not supported. Maybe Fran has more updated info.

1) What new keyboards have been recently added to the "StyleWorks Universal" support list?
2) How much are are you selling "StyleWorks Universal" here in the US for?

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