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STYLE CONVERSION - 09/28/00 07:37 AM

How can I convert some favourite styles from Korg i30 on my Roland VA7?
Posted by: Fran Carango

Re: STYLE CONVERSION - 09/28/00 07:47 AM

EMC styleworks will do the job. What styles do you need converted. I would be happy to send you some of the conversions? I uploade a demo version on styleworks on the R-a-g site. I am also a dealer for the program..Fran
Posted by: Clif Anderson

Re: STYLE CONVERSION - 09/28/00 08:42 AM

Fran or anyone

How well does Styleworks work for converting songs in midi format to styles? I understand that the style converter and the song converter are two separate programs or modules.

Posted by: Ilija Petkovski

Re: STYLE CONVERSION - 09/28/00 11:55 AM

Well Cliff isnt it fairly easy with the keyboard itself from Song(SMF) to style??
I have a Korg and its fairly simple. Of course not as simple as pressing one button but even though.

Posted by: Clif Anderson

Re: STYLE CONVERSION - 09/28/00 01:08 PM

Hi Ilija

I think the difficulty of making styles varies according to the keyboard. I do not think I can do it at all with my PSR8000. I can make styles in a sequencer, but its tedious work and often the results are unexpected. I have to eliminate the melody or other non-style elements, select appropirately repeating sections, and convert all chords to CMaj7. I am hoping there is a program that makes this easier.

Posted by: jayjay

Re: STYLE CONVERSION - 09/28/00 01:32 PM

does EMC work with GEM?
Posted by: DonM

Re: STYLE CONVERSION - 09/28/00 09:28 PM

Clif, You may know this, but one neat feature of the 8000 is the Groove Function. You can easily make changes to any onboard style. For example you can take a 4/4 rock beat and make it a shuffle, change the beat locations and make other groove adjustments. Then you can save it in the Groove Style Bank. Once you play around with it, you'll be able to make some outstanding "new" styles.
On the PSR740, and I think the 730, this is done automatically simply by pressing the Groove button. The 8000 (and 9000) makes it harder to do, but increases the options available also.
And it does let you save them. Oh, incidentally, once you create them, Groove Styles and Custom Styles are the same. You can move them from one bank to the other on the 8000. I found that they usually work better when saved as Custom Styles. Had a few glitches on some of them when played from the Groove Bank. I remember they used to "forget" volume changes and tempo changes.
Posted by: Clif Anderson

Re: STYLE CONVERSION - 09/28/00 09:50 PM

Thanks Don

I have only played with the Groove function a little on my PSR8000. I need to work with it more to understand the concepts.

However, my goal is not simply to make new styles. I have several midis that are not at all represented in the styles I have heard. Some Japanese, Chinese, and Andean midis, for example. I would like to see if I could capture some of their essences in styles.
Posted by: Scottyee

Re: STYLE CONVERSION - 09/28/00 10:28 PM

Fellow Arranger Keyboard Enthusiasts,

I"m a Technics KN5000 arranger keyboard guy. I own the EMC "Style Works Universal" program which includes "Song(smf) to Style" conversion. I also own the diskette program produced by Taiyo which allows you to make SMF to Style conversions directly in the arranger keyboard itself. The EMC programs are are available for all major arranger keyboards. EMC "Style Works Universal" will work and convert to/from ALL makes/models of arranger keyboards. I purchased this one because I might eventually purchase another arranger keyboard brand/model in the future.

Here is my opinion/comparison of the two products:

For quick automatic conversions, you can't beat the price and convenience of the "Song to Style" diskette program by Taiyo. Unfortunately with this program you aren't able to have much control over the conversions.

Initially I had hesitated purchasing the EMC program, thinking it was way overpriced. Finally my curiousity over took me and I bit the bullet and purchased the EMC program. I ordered my copy directly from the author of the software himself (Mr. Klaus Grosser) at Tastenshop, Germany.Wow, I'm glad I took the risk. This program (abeit expensive) has helped me so much not only to make great professional sounding SMF to style conversions, but also in converting existing styles to/from all makes/models of arranger keyboards as well as manage other organizational functions of my KN5000 keyboard (panel,composer,sound, and style memory naming and organization).

The EMC Song to Style conversion module feature is "excellent". Just load a SMF into the program and then audition (see/hear) style variation conversions in real time on your PC's screen. You can then edit/change, select different harmonies, arpeggios, and keys to suit your taste. You then select the intros, A,B, fills, endings from the various parts of the SMF and save your converted styles onto a floppy disk to load into your keyboard. The BIG difference between doing all this with the Taiyo floppy diskette program and the EMC Windows PC program is "CONTROL and SELECTION". With the EMC program you can loop a section, make changes and see it on the screen as well. With the Taiyo program it's more or less automatic and you get what the program decides to do, not neccessarily what you want. I think the Taiyo program does a good job for the money, but if you want great styles which allow 'YOU' to control the results, go for the EMC program. If saving money (but not time) is an issue, the Taiyo diskette program will work, but be prepared to do more post 'style editing' from within the keyboard later.

If you want to produce a lot of quality SMF converted styles then the EMC is worth the money for the time it will save you. The EMC "Song To Style" feature is a godsend for me in that I can quickly convert the latest requested tune (SMF format) into a Technics format composer style and perform it convincingly that evening. The other great advantage is that you can use the style on other songs which is cool because it's a great way to experiment with playing other tunes to the latest arrangement dance groove. Oh wait, I thought I was a jazz musician... oh well, gotta make a livin'.

- Scott


JayJay, I"m sure that the EMC programs will work with your GEM arranger keyboard but check with Fran Carango to make sure of this (Fran is the US dealer of EMC software). Hope this review brings you lot's of business Fran, do I get a cut? (just kidding). Seriously, I do think the program is quite expensive but is worth it.I think the reason for the expense is because it plays to a very limited arranger keyboard audience like us. Considering the amount of work and energy that went into writing the program, and then realizing the low distribution potential, it's understandable.

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Re: STYLE CONVERSION - 09/29/00 08:10 AM

Hi Scott (or Fran)
Three questions:
EMC Universal lets you convert TO and FROM ANY and ALL different keyboards, making it not necessary to buy a different version for every keyboard you own?
Are all current & future models supported in the price? (VA-7, EM2000, PSR9000, KN6000, etc)- upgrades free?
Finally, how much does it cost?
Thanks in advance
Posted by: Scottyee

Re: STYLE CONVERSION - 09/29/00 09:16 AM

Yes, EMC "StyleWorks Universal" allows you to convert styles between 'most' all brands/models of arranger keyboards. They include: Technics, Roland E & G series(including EM200), Yamaha PSR series (including PSR9000),Korg i series, Solton MS series and X1, and Wersi Pegasus series. Unfortunately GEM keyboards are NOT currently supported (at least to my knowledge). I am not sure if the Technics KN6000 is supported (yet). The last time (a few months ago) I spoke with Klaus Grosse (author of the software), he was working on this so I assume that the KN6000 is now supported.Don't know about the VA-7, perhaps Fran can answer that one.

If ordered from Tastenshop, the price for EMC "StyleWorks Universal" is 798.00 DEM ($360.00 US Dollars).Tastenshop can email you the software (including manual)and will also provide you with a unique pin code2 password to let you into the program. I ordered from Tastenshop this way to avoid shippping charges, but most of all, to be able to download and install the program right away. Klaus has been very good about providing free program updates as well (for support of recently added keyboards).

Tastenshop web address:

Sorry for telling you (earlier in this thread) that your GEM keyboard would probably work with the EMC programs. I just checked my copy of "StyleWorks Universal" and found that GEM is not supported. Maybe Fran has more updated info.

1) What new keyboards have been recently added to the "StyleWorks Universal" support list?
2) How much are are you selling "StyleWorks Universal" here in the US for?

Happy Arranger Keyboarding to All,

- Scott

California (San Francisco Bay Area), USA