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#212131 - 06/28/00 03:38 PM Touch Response and STYLE DISCUSSION!!!!!!!
Ilija Petkovski Offline

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When playing Balkan music, I dont need touch response. Whilst I am looking for a new keyboard arranger there are two things:
- touch response must be able to be closed completely. Does anyone know on which arranger this is NOT possible? (EM2000, i30, G-1000, X1)

The second rule is this:
I dont need an arranger with million styles, cause I wont even use one of them. I need a keyboard where I can create my OWN styles and give priority to them and not to the 8 beat of Funk from the factory.
Modern keyboards misunderstand this problem. They make an arranger with a lot of styles and think: well not many style functions needed cause we included everything: NOT!
I need an arranger where I could be able to delete all the styles and replace them by my own. In that way I dont need to work with diskettes or be boundered by the ammount of free created own styles.

Any ideas or remarks?

Am i being clear a little bit? I dont ened Samba, Reggae etc etc i need my own Balkan stuff which I will use. I can hit Mambo in one button, cause the machine is preprogrammed for it, but my OWN styles need to be downloaded from Disk, since internal styles memory is usual very low. Highest is 48 i think, while there are more than 200 intern styles available.

Intersted in your response,

Ilija Petkovski

#212132 - 06/28/00 04:02 PM Re: Touch Response and STYLE DISCUSSION!!!!!!!
Alex K Offline

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G-1000 which I own (and EM2000) allow you to call up styles from the disk (ZIP) instantaneously (or as easily as the internal styles), using the Disk Link function, though there is a general problem calling things up on them (you can see some of my eralier posts in this forum if you want to know my gripes). That applies to most high-end instruments. Korg and Solton allow you to store user styles into Flash Memory, which makes them instantly accessible.

If you really do not neeed the internal styles, you may want to look at Farfisa G7, stores all of its styles in the flash memory, and allows you to replace any or all of them with the user styles.


#212133 - 06/28/00 05:18 PM Re: Touch Response and STYLE DISCUSSION!!!!!!!
Fran Carango Offline
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To add to Alex's comment the Farfisa G7 will do what he says, but you need the factory style software to do so. Also, touch response can be set to full sensitivity on G1000/EM2000 and X1 [Also G7]...Fran[Solton and Farfisa dealer]

#212134 - 06/29/00 12:31 AM Re: Touch Response and STYLE DISCUSSION!!!!!!!
tonin Offline
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Yamaha PSR9000 have a Button to switch on or off the touch response.

Also you hava about 1.8 Mb of flash memory to store styles. All factory flash styles can be deleted. The disk functions to load styles are the fastest that i have seen also.

#212135 - 06/29/00 02:40 PM Re: Touch Response and STYLE DISCUSSION!!!!!!!
sk880user Offline

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GEM sk880/sk760 WK8/6 have excellent user style arranger:

1) you get 32 user styles which are ram-backed. So when you turn off the power, you do not lose them... (it is better to save them on disk just in case)

2) excellent arranger capabilities for very advanced styles

3) easy to use style arranger: play a note and it repeats over the whole phrase.


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