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#20883 - 10/30/06 05:20 AM Hiss in Matrix-1000
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I own a few Matrix-1000s, one of which is making some hiss at higher mixer volumes. In addition, its power supply is warming up considerably more in comparison.

I wonder if changing the power supply is possible, and could the hiss be due to a ~faulty power supply?

What is the optimum volume knob position in terms of maximizing the life-time and minimizing the hiss in case of a Matrix-1000? I normally keep the volume at 50%. But, what is recommended?

I guess the Matrix-1000 can "burn-out" in substantially shorter time, if the volume is kept in its maximum position all the time.

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#20884 - 11/02/06 02:30 AM Re: Hiss in Matrix-1000
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your problem hiss wise is either an op-amp, or a pair of transistors being an amplifier.
But while you are inside, check the output voltages. you should get 5,12,-5,-12, those sorts of values. or very close(within 0.1 volts)Also, re-seat any socketed chips. Matrix's have real issues with that.

Always have your the volume on your synths as high as they can go. Gives your mixer less to do, and your recordings will come out better.

The only thing you can do to extend the life of your gear is to not hit them with hammers or operate them submerged in seawater.

They break when they want to. They always will.

If you got more questions post away.

#20885 - 11/18/06 11:21 PM Re: Hiss in Matrix-1000
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The maximum volume hint did help a lot. Thanks!


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