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#208597 - 10/05/01 04:01 PM Recording music and voice

I have been looking at the Yamaha PSR9000 and the Technics KN6500. It is not clear to me if either of these is capable of recording the music being played. Also, can either record a voice input from the MIC along with what is being played? To date I have only played a piano so all this technology is new to me. Any suggestions?

#208598 - 10/05/01 04:51 PM Re: Recording music and voice
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You can record the music that is being played on both these arrangers by using the sequencers etc, and "easy record" in the case of the KN6500. ...a doddle!.

You can't record your voice though on the KN6500, even though there is a mike socket on the back. The Yamaha 9000 will record your voice though I would have thought, through the "in-built" sampler - which is upgradeable to 64 MB of RAM - plenty enough for a complete song, whereas the standard "ONE" Megabyte (MB) is not.


#208599 - 10/05/01 09:20 PM Re: Recording music and voice
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the only keyboard currently being made that will let you record your voice while playing back tracks you have recorded is the Yamaha Motif. It is not an arranger keyboard however. The PSR 9000 will let you record your vocal but not while listening to the tracks you have recorded as a song. You must record your singing as a sample and then sync it to your song. Only the Motif has the ability to sing right along with your song recorded on other tracks.
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