Hello -- I'm a developer of Macintosh software and am currently working on Mac OS X native editor/librarian for the Matrix 6/6r/1000. This product is currently in alpha and I will be looking for a few selected beta testers to help me squash out any problems the software has prior to release.

If you are a regular Mac OS X user who has one or more of the mentioned Oberheim Matrix synthesizers, are are willing to test and provide feedback, and are willing to agree to a NDA (non-disclosure agreement), I will provide beta access to you, as well as a complimentary copy of the final release at no charge.

If you just have ideas and opinions about what features you'd like to see, what editors you use and like already, or what you think is a fair price point for this kind of software, please post them here in reply.

Thanks -- and I hope to hear from more Oberheim users out there! You are out there right? -pc
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