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#20756 - 09/27/99 12:53 PM Supernova dump problem
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I have problems with doing a global dump of my Supernova 2.0. (SN)
(to save all my performances before upgrading to OS 3.1)
I'm using Cubase VST 3.7, everything's ok ( i have a .mem of the dump) but when i try
to send it back to SN..."data error" appears...
I tried many times, but couldn't worked it out.
Everything seems ok midi config etc...( it works fine with other synths...)

My question is : How can i do it ?
Is there a way to record a track as a .mid with all the datas ?
It seems sysex transmition can only happens with a request of a sequencer....
that you cannot start the dump from the SN i right?
I tried "freeloader" to record the data as a sysex file but i don't know
how to start it from the SN...

Any other way to do it ?

Thanks for your help


#20757 - 10/19/99 04:06 PM Re: Supernova dump problem

Not sure about OS version 2.0 but under version 3.0 you can start a sysex dump by pressing the midi key in the part edit section whilst in global mode. Before doing so, check the supernova sysex transmission type on one of the global pages is set how you want (total data, all programs etc). Now in VST disable sysex filtering on record, select a midi track, hit record and then start the sysex dump from the supernova. Hey presto, one midi track (save as a .mid)containing all your data.

Incidentally OS ver 3.1beta is available on the Novation website - even more goodies.

Hope this helps,


#20758 - 10/22/99 03:34 PM Re: Supernova dump problem
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You may need to slow down your sequencer by changing to a slower tempo when sending the dump back to the SN. That may help.

I use Logic Audio and have no problems whatsoever.

Hope this helps.


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