I must say, whilst I call myself 'Korgasm' and I own alot of Korg and Roland gear, I'm really impressed with Novation. In a short space of time, they have carefully analysed the synthe market and given synthesizer players pretty much what they have been asking for- great sounding, powerful, feature packed synthesizers that really give the larger manufacturers something to worry about!!!!!!

Not only that, but they actually make an effort to 'upgrade' their synthesizers with software OS upgrades rather than ditching the old model for something new (and only slightly better!!!!). The Supernova with it's new version 3.0 software is testament to this above statement!!

No I don't work for Novation and do not own any Novation gear (but I think I will in the near future!!!!).

Anyone with info on the new Novation keyboard's- the Supernova 11 and the Nova 11?? It would be much appreciated.

I understand that all of these boards can have their polyphony expanded which is great but is there any actual improvements in their synthesis architecture and features as opposed to the Supernova and Nova rack mount units or are they keyboard versions of the above. Any replies are much appreciated!!!!