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#206719 - 12/30/06 07:02 AM Roland XP80 or Casio MT800 as Keyboard?

Can I hook up either a Roland XP80 or a Casio MT800 to use as a keyboard with a PC? What else do I need as far as software to complete the configuration. I am synthesizer/music stupid, this is for my husband who is PC dumb, but music intelligent.
I think I need a MIDI to USB cable (or some type of cable), but I am very confused as far as software goes. Does the keyboard become a type of "dumb" terminal, or can you feed in a pre-arranged composition, and then use additional software to re-arrange, embellish, what ever. What type/product software would be best.
Sorry to be so dumb, but I don't think that he needs a new keyboard, and complete virtual synthesizer software package to make music. Or does he? His Birthday so I'll spring for what he needs.
Thank you

#206720 - 12/30/06 03:31 PM Re: Roland XP80 or Casio MT800 as Keyboard?
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You can connect any MIDI keyboard to a PC ( including the ones you mentioned ) and just requires the MIDI interface plus software. Cakewalk makes a range of MIDI/digital audio sequencers. The home version of Sonar should be fine and includes a couple of soft synths plus you can add more DXi and VSTi synths as required. M-Audio are well known for their USB MIDI interfaces eg.

Hope that helps to answer your questions.

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