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#20659 - 03/20/00 08:22 PM Moog Rogue Analog Synth Are These Any Good?

ive been looking for a moog for a long time and because i live in georgia there isnt really anywhere where i can get one so i went to ebay b/c they have virtualy everything and i saw a Moog Rogue Analog Synth for only 76$ and im new too moog so i dont know if these will be a good/real moog or not and it didnt really give any info about does anyone know about these and can you give me any advice about weather or not i should buy it as a first moog? thanks


#20660 - 03/21/00 05:22 AM Re: Moog Rogue Analog Synth Are These Any Good?
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If your concern is price, a Rogue is definately worth $76 (perhaps 3x that) and is a cheap alternative to a TaurusII (same synth, different keys). However, compared to a mini, the Rogue was and is a toy. The same holds true when comparing the TaurusII to a set of Taurus(1).

#20661 - 04/01/00 08:51 AM Re: Moog Rogue Analog Synth Are These Any Good?
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Yeah , the ROUGE was MOOG's bottom of the line synth . It was also there last product or close to it . It was made to compete with the SC PRO-ONE . But watch out on those Ebay prices , they will get way out of hand . You can also get the same synthesizer under the radio shack name , it's called the MG-1 concertmate . Same as the ROUGE but with the radio shack name on it .

#20662 - 11/09/01 04:46 PM Re: Moog Rogue Analog Synth Are These Any Good?

The Moog Rogue<<<<<
Ahh, Yes! Those were the days!
The original version of the Yamaha DJX 2 Box minus the shiny CD Looking Disk.....

Heh, Heh, Heh...... O.K. I'll be nice!

I remember the Moog Mini Rogue. It had a handful of keys, some analog knobs, and switches. I used one in a band in 1984. Personally, I was not too impressed with it.
Sorry, people. It was surely high tech at the time it came out, but it was low tech in 1984.

Most of it's voice's were weird no matter how you adjusted it. Many of them sounded like the siren of a british emergency vehicle.

The only thing I liked about it was the fact that they crammed it into such a small box. That was a big feat back then, but you could barely make a full chord due to it's handful of keys.

I don't miss it at all! Does it still exist? Yes, it's in the possession of the drummer of the band.

For those of you who are Moogers, you'll be happy to know that a reissue of the original moog either occured recently or is about to occur. Last year it was announced, and it was the exact same booger, except that midi had been intergrated into it.

My suggestion! Get a real keyboard!


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