I was just noticeing how many different versions there were of the Classic Minimoog Synthesizer.

Minimoog (classic)
SE-1 (Rackmount Mini)
Stienberg Model-E (virtual)
Creamware Minimax (virtual)
MIDIMax Controllers ( for use with Minimax)
Minimoog Voyager (latest)

So that is six versions that have been made. Seven if you count the Mini that was supossed to be released by Moog music of Cincinatti OH. (not affilated with Bob Moog and Moog Music). That company failed Miserably just after setting up shop. I think it was about the same time that Bob Moog was trying too get the use of his name back.

Anyway I was just surprised to see so many versions of this Classic synth, there were. And each one of them is expensive. I wonder if anyone else will atempt to make another version of the Minimoog.

BTW: Did the Orgional Mini come out in 1970 or 1971? Some places like the Moog Archives list it as 1970. Others list it as 1971? Which year is correct.