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#20631 - 04/11/03 11:38 AM Lost Minimoog

Hi Guys,

Well itís been eight weeks and still no sign of my minimoog. I have to consider the fact that, it may be lost forever. Either that or it is tied up in customs, because of this [CENSORED] war in Iraq, Political feelings aside. I have wanted a Minimoog for a very, very long time almost 13 years. I actually thought I had actually got one and was close to having one. But sadly it does not look like that is going to be the case. I am very unhappy about this, losing not only the minimoog but also being out $350.00. I am never going to buy anything over seas ever again off ebay. If I do it will only be from England or will be shipped via UPS. At least these people give you a tracking number automatically. I only ship via UPS when I sell on ebay. I prefer to have items that, I buy on ebay shipped the same way.

Well anyways I am going to look for some other synthesizer, maybe digital or a VA synth. If I find one that I want and can afford even if it is on ebay, it will be in the US only. Well except maybe England or Possibly Canada but thatís it.

#20632 - 04/25/03 11:28 PM Re: Lost Minimoog
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I THINK YOU GOT BURNED! It probably costs over half that much to ship it from England. Did you know that only 12,000 of them were ever made? They are the single most sought after analog synth ever made. I happen to own one. I haven't a clue as to it's actual value but you can get digital components that can reproduce some of the sounds pretty close to the real thing for about $3000.00 I almost sold mine for $100. A friend told me to do some reseasch on it and I am glad I did! GAJETTUNES@NETZERO.COM

#20633 - 04/26/03 05:37 PM Re: Lost Minimoog
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As far as the value of the MiniMoog , they seem to hover between $1000 - $1800 . There was a time when they sold for over $2000 but those days are over . The new signature series MiniMoog Voyager sells for $3500 , but I don't care to have Moog's signature .


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