I'm sure most of us have seen news stories about some of the products that come from China not being safe. Everything from toys, food products, fake medicines, etc.

As I read this article, it popped into my head that a large portion of musical products comes from China. Like Mackie, a number of keyboards, countless other musical products, not to mention just about every kind of product you could think of that's in your homes right now.

Or what about paint that is imported from China to be used in another country to paint our keyboards or what have you.

Makes me wonder what would happen if a youngster started to chew or lick a musical product. I wonder if the paint and other materials are actually safe on our gear not to mention all kinds of things in our homes. I've never heard of an incident like this, but it sure makes me wonder, and makes me wonder how we find out about this.

I know anyone would be horrified if something like this happened to their child or someone elses child that could be getting into things unbeknownst to the adults there.

Any ideas on this one?