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#20555 - 10/06/05 10:33 AM Kurzweil MicroEnsemble problem
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Just received my Kurzweil ME-1 today and I hooked it up to my Roland RD-300 piano. The sustain pedal is not transfered to the ME-1 when I press down on the pedal. I looked in the MIDI implementation chart of both the ME-1 and RD-300 and the ME-1 can receive CC64 and the RD-300 and both receive and send CC64. So I can't understand why the message isn't getting transfered. Any ideas?

#20556 - 10/12/05 03:48 PM Re: Kurzweil MicroEnsemble problem
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I don't know the micro ensemble, but morst kurzweils have three midi settings.
local - midi - both

step 1. choose midi transfer channel
step 2. choose midi since you control the ensemble thru the rd 300.

Hope this helps.

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