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#204267 - 03/16/00 04:23 PM Psr9000 or KN6000?
Minox Offline
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I decided to buy a Psr9000 but I played a Tecnics Kn6000 in the shop just for 10 minutes and I like its sounds. So now I'm not sure. Could you help me?

#204268 - 03/16/00 09:14 PM Re: Psr9000 or KN6000?
Les Swartz Offline

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The chord recognition problem was somewhat corrected with the newest software update.

My wife has a KN6000 which she loves. She feels the Solton X1 has the better instruments, and a lot of her love for the 6000 is it's lesser learning curve. For myself, I haven't found an instrument that stands up to the Solton's. I also prefer the Soltons styles and the dynamics of their styles. The 6000 has some really good styles and is a fine unit - obviously it will boil down to user preference between it, the X1 and PSR-9000. I do use a number of converted KN5000 styles on my Solton and find the styles very well done.

Find what you're happy with, be happy with what you find and enjoy it. )

#204269 - 03/17/00 05:54 AM Re: Psr9000 or KN6000?
Marek Offline

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Hello Minox,

I think Technics KN 6000 is a very good keyboard with nice styles and good instruments (some of the 'soloist' instrument I liked very much). But at the end I decided to buy the PSR 9000 because:
* in the time, I wanted to buy new professional keyboard the chord recognition on the KN 6000 was not solved
* (!!!) Technics designed for the KN 6000 a harddisk with a special controller. So if you want to buy a harddisk you have to buy something like a card with the mentioned controller and a harddisk. This card costs about 1,200 DEM (600 USD), which is, compared to the PSR 9000's HD (100 USD), terrible expensive. I find harddisk a very good and convenient feature of the pro keyboards and therefore the harddisk price has got very high priority in my selection of the keyboard candidates (I do not know, if it is also your high priority)
* I liked the instruments on the PSR 9000 better than the KN 6000's ones

Some less important points:
* KN 6000 has not "Synchro Stop"
* has only R1, R2 concept (the PSR 9000 has R1, R2, R3)
* Technics let on the KN 6000 some styles from the KN 930 (identical with the styles on KN 5000), which I own (the styles are really the same: Intro/Ending, Variations, Fill-Ins).

So, I would recommend you the PSR 9000, but it is up to you and your preferences, which keyboard you will choose.

Happy hunting


#204270 - 03/18/00 01:03 AM Re: Psr9000 or KN6000?
Minox Offline
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Thanx for your opinions, and yes Marek, the hard drive is a main problem.
Thanx for your invitation on ebay, UncleDave, but there are two problems:
1) I'm not in the States, i'm in Italy
2) Here the best price for a new Psr9000 is italian Lire 4.200.000, that is at the current rate, 2092 Us dollars. I mean the base version, the one without hard drive. I was really surprised by the difference of price. That is the same price for a new SoltonX1 in base version.
Thanx anyway for your invitation.
Ciao Minox

#204271 - 03/18/00 09:51 PM Re: Psr9000 or KN6000?
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Hi Minox, and all other writers in this post:

Several times I see already that some of you are posting twice the same message, probably accidentelly. Why leave it like this? you can delete them!! Here's how:

Go to the second message which you want to delete, and click on the pencil icon above the message which says (on a popout ballon) "Edit/Delete message", then check the box on the top of your new page asking you: "Delete? To delete this post, check this box". And you're done!

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#204272 - 03/19/00 01:41 PM Re: Psr9000 or KN6000?
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Dave, you're still junior
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