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#201835 - 06/30/00 04:15 PM my new X4 + style conversion


I just got my brand new X4 two days ago. I must confess that I was very much influenced by all that i read in this forum about it. For the moment I am still exploring the machine in my (too little) free time, and I am really impressed with the quality of the sound, just like I expected from the comments of everybody. I was absolutely delighted with
the optional harmonizer that i decided to purchase.

I still didn't figure out the correct way to control it by MIDI, with my G1000, especially in what concerns the split of the keyboard that allows the left part only to command the chords. The manual looks very poor, and my seller could only provide me the X1 version. I already faxed Ketron in Italy, asking for the X4 manual, but I still got no answer.
Any help would be greatly apreciated!

I am already thinking in converting my favorite G1000 styles to X4 format. I am only
aware of EMC software (Germany). Is there any other software worth looking at? Thank you
for your advise.

Greetings from Portugal,

Jose' Matias.

#201836 - 06/30/00 08:26 PM Re: my new X4 + style conversion
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Hi Matias, congratulations in your Solton X4 HD?, I hope so, I got about 6 months ago my X1 HD and I never ever had any instrument like this one in 30 years, is superGREAT, now about the company EMC is a very good program, I got it around 10 months, and I used to convert styles from other brands for my (back then) roland RA95, recently I purchased a CD with styles from USB (FRANCE), but thanks to the very bad service of the mexican post office, Im still waiting, but the demo styles that I downloaded before the order, are excelent, so check it out.
My e-mail is

#201837 - 07/01/00 03:51 AM Re: my new X4 + style conversion
Fran Carango Offline
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Jose', I already have the G1000 styles converted to use in your X4, if you are interested email me. I believe Bob Hughes already posted these on one of our upload sights for the Solton Club. Are you a member?...Fran

#201838 - 07/03/00 03:46 AM Re: my new X4 + style conversion

Manuel, thank you for your tips.
I actually know this CD from USB France, I
bought the G1000 version for my Roland some
weeks ago, and the delivery was fast (no surprise, things run fast in the EC). So I
had the opportunity to test some converted
X1 styles for the G1000 before I decided to
offer me the X4 module. I can now say that
the styles sound quite different on the original keybord when compared to converted
versions. I do not know the details of how
conversion is made, but I realize now how important is using a good piece of software.
That's why I put the question to the forum.
Thanks again! Jose'.

#201839 - 07/03/00 03:53 AM Re: my new X4 + style conversion

Hi Fran, and thank you for your carefulness. I indeed am interested in getting my G1000 styles converted, and if you have done the job, it surely saves me some time (and money).
As you understood from my message to Manuel
I wonder about is the quality of the conversion. Do you know what are the present choices, in terms of conversion possibilities? Thank you very much. Jose'
My e-mail is

#201840 - 07/03/00 06:24 AM Re: my new X4 + style conversion
Tom Cavanaugh Offline
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We all owe Fran a great deal of thanks for his efforts in converting styles. Thanks Fran. I have found that converted styles from other machines sound dull and lifeless compared to the styles on the X1. I don't know if this is something I'm doing wrong or just what. Some folks have said that it has something to do with Solton using actual drum grooves. I wouldn't expect a gread deal of satisfaction from other manufactures converted styles. Someone in the Solton club was making a list of the ones that were good.




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