Hard right and hard left isnít representative of what a piano sounds like - not for me at least.

The Triton Extreme 88 will be my first top shelf synth. The others I've used have pretty poor facsimiles of positional stereo in relation to section, or are simply divided into two clefts - one right, one left.

I read that the 6 outputs can have individual timbres routed through them. Rather than different synths, tracks, samples, etc. is it possible to treat different sections of the keyboard as different sound modules (in a sense at least) and route them separately? I've always wanted a true 4 or 6 track keyboard recording capability - similar to what I get when I mic pianos up.

Or are the pianos it has onboard (or can be added by expansion) good enough to produce that effect on their own? (Even then I wouldn't have as much control, though).

Lastly, neither the Korg site nor any retailers I can find online indicate whether the analog outs are balanced TRS. Are they?