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#200067 - 06/21/00 04:44 PM Which Arranger Workstation?
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I had purchased a EM-2000 but returned it due to a crack in the case. I received a credit.

Now I'm re-thinking the whole thing again and I want great sound quality along with as many parts in a style that I can get. Someone also told me that I might be better off with a weighted keyboard because it's supposed to be better on the wrists. I have carpal tunnel syndrome. The only problem with this is that wouldn't leave many options so I may have to rule that one out.

Here's what I'm down too. Yamaha PSR-9000 or a GEM SK880 or waiting 8 months for a Roland VA-7 in the States. I already looked at the Solton and didn't like it. Was too user unfriendly for me. I actually picked up the EM-2000 faster even though it's user interface leaves alot to be desired. Any thoughts on this? I have a Roland JV-1010 Synth and I guess it could substitute for poor sound quality in the keyboard. I am pretty new to all this by the way. Thanks in advance.

#200068 - 06/21/00 10:03 PM Re: Which Arranger Workstation?
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You need to read back through the past several months of discussion. You'll find more opinions than you can shake a tamborine at.
I've written volumes about how much I like the PSR9000 and haven't changed my opinion. But that's for me. Decide what features you want and go try out the keyboards with a dealer who can answer your questions. They are harder to find than you might think.
I would think the lighter, organ-type touch would me easier on the wrists than weighted keys.
The SK880 seems to be a really good keyboard (haven't tried one personally yet), but it has been around a couple of years I think. The 9000 has some really neat features like programmable custom data base, sampler, vocal harmony and wonderful microphone processing. It's easy to learn and use.
It's a little heavy, but so is the SK880.
None of these keyboards are perfect, but they all are really good. It would be hard to make a bad choice.
If you have any specific questions about the 9000, feel free to email me. It's keeping me from having to get a real job.

#200069 - 06/21/00 10:41 PM Re: Which Arranger Workstation?
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First, I understand how if you haven't played the X1 you could think it's interface is hard to work but I have to tell you that compared to the EM2000 it's a walk in the park. The problem is that if you had someone who knows the X1 well, you would think it is a very logical and easy keyboard to understand. Unfortunately, as I have stated over and over, most of you players don't get a good demo.
I agree with Don, that the PSR 9000 is a very good keyboard, but I think the styles in it are generally not as sophisticated and "alive" sounding as the X1 or the SK880.
I sell all of these keyboards and in my opinion if styles are your first priority, I would rate them like this.
1)Solton X1
2)Generalmusic SK880
3)Yamaha PSR9000 tied with the EM2000.
If you would like weighted keys, I might offer up a keyboard like the Yamaha P80 which sells for approx. $999.00 and has the best feeling keyboard out there, and the Solton X4 module which sells for about $2000.00 and this way you get the best of everything, at least in my opinion.
George Kaye
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George Kaye
Kaye's Music Scene
Reseda, California

#200070 - 06/22/00 07:43 AM Re: Which Arranger Workstation?
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What I do not understand is how come you want a weighted keyboard if you have carpal tunnel syndrome? It seems to me that a weighted keyboard will only exasberate your problem.

May be you should take a break for a year or so from all keyboards. What do you think?

#200071 - 06/22/00 11:04 AM Re: Which Arranger Workstation?
Ilija Petkovski Offline

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Test all these:

Solton X1
Roland G-1000
Gem WK8
Korg i30 (most beautiful!!!)
Yamaha PSR-9000
Technics KN-6000
Casio MZ-2000



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