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#195 - 06/22/07 10:17 AM Novation xiosynth bass station template?
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I came across Novations xiosynth and found that it comes with a bass station template. Does anyone know how this compares to the original analog bass station sound. I've heard only good things about this synth. Thanks!

#196 - 06/23/07 02:28 PM Re: Novation xiosynth bass station template?
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Could we keep these questions about bass synth to the same topic? I mean posting multiple threads on what is essentially the same topic simply goes against forum etiquette. Not a big deal I suppose since there isn't much traffic here but why not do it right? Will just make this conversation easier to follow.

I'm not even sure why you need a dedicated bass synth since any VA synth would do Rogue type bass and actually give you a lot more to play with. Bass synths have rather boring tone architecture. Unless you're trying to recreate late 80s and early 90s acid basslines (old house, techno, dance etc) you're just wasting your money. A bass synth isn't actually a synth but a tone generator with limited tone controls and none of the bells and the whistles that a full blown synth (VA, analog.. whatever) gives you.

About your question, Novation stuff usually sounds good. I'm not a big fan of their analog synths but their VA stuff sounds decent. I used to own a Novation Nova and a friend has the V-Station. if this synth you're asking about is of the same sound generation then I would assume it is just as good (Although terribly limited being a template for a bass synth).

The rule is simple. Try before you buy. Reading opinions and specs on-line is one thing. Being able to play a synth and check out how it sounds in person is another.


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#197 - 06/23/07 02:31 PM Re: Novation xiosynth bass station template?
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my answer is a bit dodgy because there are two different versions of the basstation. The good one and the bad one.

The good one has a different filter design than the bad one, and the sound quality is much better. So the older basstations are better than the newer.

If you really want good sounding stuff, learn how to record. Even david bowie used a stylophone.


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