Hi, my name is Steve Wells, and I'm looking for a good arranger software package. I currently own a Roland VA-7, which I enjoy, but I'm now looking to get some arranger software that will work well with a USB controller keyboard that I will soon buy. This will enable me to move around more freely on stage, with the light weight and small footprint of a USB controller, hooked up via USB to a laptop.

I've seen a number of such programs out there, most under $100, with similar features. Among them are OneManBand, Band-In-A-Box, RMCA Realtime MIDI Chord Arranger Pro (RMCA Pro) and MIDI Auto-Accompaniment Section (MAAS). There are others too.

I could download the demos for these (which I will probably do), view the screen shots, and review the feature lists, but nothing beats the voice of experience from those who know something about these. Even just hearsay would be useful.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the comparative strengths and weakness of these programs.



PS. - Now I see a separate area for software arrangers, but am unable to move or delete this message, so I guess I'll leave it here.

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