Hi gang:
And here's the "rest of the Story"
After an invitation this morning from Donny, we met tonight at the Garden State Parkway Rest stop and off we went to "catch" the ..."Uncle Dave Show" in Trenton. After a pleasant and "animated" 40 minute ride(Donny loves to Chat) we arrived at the joint at 7:30 and after a quick introduction to Fran Carango and UD(never met them before)UD was ready to "tear" the room apart. And folks....that he did! In a short 10 minutes he had the room going and I mean singing along, tapping their feet, sweing, you name it!. Real great sounds from his "irreplaceable" PA80 and, oh! that harmonizer was fantastic with a great "Four Freshmen" effect and, yes! even a "Barry White" effect that knocked my socks off!
Folks, you can say anything about the man, but he owns the stage when he is on it, although, he shared it later on with all of us when he asked us to perform one by one.
I later on shared my "super sized" delicious NY Strip stake with him, a small price to pay for such a great night of entertainment!
I consider myself very fortunate to have met this three great musicians in the last two days, I really learned a lot from them and had a lot of fun in the process. Hey guys! let's do it again!
Oh! Fran did a great rendition of Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" that I loved as well.
Wishing you were all here.
"Music should be heard, not felt. Protect your hearing"
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