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#190053 - 04/18/07 10:46 AM Video Clip of gig


I know this is unrelated to arranger keyboards, so forgive me for that.

A friend brought a video camera to a gig my band JazzItUp did last week. Click
HERE to have a look and listen.

Hope you like it,


P.S. Any guesses on the changes being played under the familiar melody? We did the actual song earlier in the evening and our sax player threw in a little of the TV theme into his solo. So for this last song of the evening we decided to do the complete merging of the two songs.

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#190054 - 04/18/07 10:54 AM Re: Video Clip of gig
ianmcnll Offline
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Great the tune..."Meet the Flinstones"...nice call and response with the sax.


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#190055 - 04/18/07 10:56 AM Re: Video Clip of gig
Chris Valenti Offline

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Nice job Dave and group!

Btw, any new arranger products upcoming from Gem?



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#190056 - 04/18/07 11:21 AM Re: Video Clip of gig
cgiles Online   content
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Nice job. It's so nice to see an honest-to-god TWO-handed piano player these days.

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#190057 - 04/18/07 11:26 AM Re: Video Clip of gig
Diki Offline

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Yeah, chas.... You all know my views about HAVING to give up my left hand to the tyranny of inputting chords over and over again, when a Chord Sequencer would mean you only have to do it ONCE, and then you can go and play two-fisted for all the subsequent choruses.

Anybody that CAN play two-fisted should be screaming for this 'feature' but the silence is deafening! Surely there can't be THAT few two handed players here..?
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#190058 - 04/18/07 11:29 AM Re: Video Clip of gig
Stephenm52 Offline
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Cool stuff!!

#190059 - 04/18/07 11:33 AM Re: Video Clip of gig
captain Russ Offline
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#190060 - 04/18/07 12:44 PM Re: Video Clip of gig
TommyF Offline

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Great and very energic performance! What is your keyboard setup? I could recognize the Promega 3 (I wouldn't expect you to play anything else ), but what is the small keyboard above it?

Kind regards,

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#190061 - 04/18/07 12:49 PM Re: Video Clip of gig

Hi guys,
Thanks for the kind words.
To comment on Diki's post, I use Piano Mode on the Genesys almost exclusively when playing with styles. Piano Mode scans the entire keyboard for chord recognition. And I also assign a footswitch to Chord Freeze which basically defeats the chord recognition while the switch is engaged making it possible to play all over the keyboard and be as wildly erratic as I want without the auto-chord changes going crazy.
Chris, I am sure there will be another pro arranger/workstation coming, but I know of nothing at this very moment.
Best Regards,

#190062 - 04/18/07 01:23 PM Re: Video Clip of gig
PraiseTheLord Offline

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Excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Great playing. Thanks for sharing.

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